LaTonya 特纳, Ph.D., Dean of Marian 大学’s Klipsch Educators College, appointed to U.S. Department of Education’s Midwest Regional Advisory Committee

by Amy Hanna and Glendal Jones | Oct 04, 2023

Marian 大学’s Fred S. Klipsch Educators College dean LaTonya 特纳, Ph.D., has been appointed to the U.S. Department of Education's Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for the Midwest, serving Illinois, 印第安纳州, 爱荷华州, 密歇根, 明尼苏达州, 俄亥俄州, 和威斯康辛州.

美国.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel A. 卡多纳·Ph值.D.医生说。. 特纳's exemplary qualifications and experience qualified her for membership as she will join a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) team of 25 representatives from Midwestern local education agencies, institutions of higher education, 企业, 研究人员, practicing educators, and other local school officials. Dr. 特纳 will serve immediately on the committee for at least six months. 

"I am extremely proud and honored to be invited to join the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for the Midwest, partnering with colleagues in the education industry to identify the need for educational improvements, and making recommendations to benefit millions of students,”医生说。. 特纳. 

As part of the Midwest Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Dr. 特纳, and other committee members will review regional educational data and public comments. They will then provide advice and recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Education regarding the educational needs of the Midwest region and how those needs would be most effectively addressed.

"Marian 大学 is richly blessed for Dr. 特纳's leadership of the Klipsch Educators College (KEC) especially since over the past six years, the KEC has become nationally prominent through the excellence they've achieved in preparing teachers and principals for service to schools and communities," said Marian 大学 president Daniel J. Elsener. "Her appointment to the U.S. Department of Education's Regional Advisory Committee is a blessing to the nation."自从博士. 特纳 has led KEC's educational programs with high distinction and quality," President Elsener added, "It is no surprise and most appropriate that the U.S. Department of Education sought her expertise and wisdom in their efforts." 

The Regional Advisory Committee met virtually twice in September 2023 and will submit initial reports to the U.S. Secretary of Education in October 2023 regarding assessing education needs within each region and technical advice regarding how those needs would be effectively addressed.

Dr. 特纳 has been highly regarded and awarded recently. 2023年6月, under her leadership as dean of the Klipsch Educators College (KEC), the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) named Marian's program among the best in the nation for exemplary preparation of future elementary teachers in the Science of 读ing, and the only school in 印第安纳州 with an A+ rating. 

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